Summary of PGA 2017

One of the biggest advantages of working in gamedev is an opportunity to be in close touch with keen players. There are some events we’re looking forward to – amongst them there’s PGA, one of the most important industry events in Poland! Are you curious how we remembered the last days? Great, we’ve a lot to tell you!

0.4 Economy update

11 August , 2017

Mercenaries, the summertime is reaching its peak! Even when there is pure Mordor coming down from sky, we still heat up the atmosphere by showing you our next update, which will make you sink into our game for long hours! Each day the team is working to improve the quality of gameplay even more.

Update 0.3

1 June , 2017

Mercenaries, thank you for your presence during today’s stream – we’re glad that many of you decided to participate in it and asked us lots of questions. We appreciate all kind words and we’re looking forward to meeting you again – thanks to you we’ll be starting tomorrow’s work with even stronger motivation!

Information on servers wipe

30 May , 2017

Mercenaries, many of you ask us questions concerning a WIPE – a reset of characters’ skills. As you’ve probably noticed, with every single update Edengrad is more stable, but unfortunately in the first versions of the game bugs appeared that enabled some of the players to level their characters up and gain top-end items too fast. We want our game to bring joy and satisfaction to all users; therefore, we took a closer look at talent trees and balanced them accordingly.

Summary of the first two weeks

21 April , 2017



For the past two weeks many things have happened in the world of Edengrad. Each day has taught us a lot and we’d like to thank you for it! Our Facebook and Twitter channels have been under siege – we’ve received lots of priceless and constructive feedback.

Edengrad’s premiere – roundup

12 April , 2017


This piece of news was supposed to be entitled “25 reasons to buy Edengrad” because during the first week of the release you can buy our game 25% cheaper, but we came to a conclusion that it has much more to offer!

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