0.5 – Combat Update

Bigest update in Edengrad history has become a reality. We have introduced and changed a lot of game mechanics and though not all of them will be visible to the players now, they will definitely accelerate our work. We have laid the foundations of many systems that will make the new patches appear much faster. We are aware that the new 0.5 update will require balancing and continuous attention. On the other hand, we do not want the next patches to be only bug fixes so get ready for a lot of changes in the near future!

Changes in the building system

23 March , 2017

Since its beginning, Edengrad has been developed for players who want to create groups, set up fractions and construct towns. The game basis, and for many its crucial element for which they have been waiting since first mentions concerning the project, is opportunity to build own constructions and that’s the aspect we wish to focus on right now.

The Lost Highway

16 February , 2017

The Lost Highway is the first location seen by players after leaving the vaults. The desert, mostly based on Arizona’s Monument Valley, is in many places interlaced with rock formations. Almost vertical slopes are fantastic surroundings for explorers and rock climbing lovers. Omnipresent precipice and rock clefts force the player to search for new, often hidden routes in areas where they can encounter not only many dangerous creatures, but also precious treasures.

Changes in the NPC system

6 February , 2017

If you appreciate the role of non-player characters and you enjoy interacting with them, we believe you’ll like our today’s news. We started to work on a new NPC system. What does it mean? Our NPCs will be more expressive, easier to interact with and will obtain individual character features. What do you think of the upcoming changes?

Summary of our charity campaign

27 January , 2017

We did it! For the first time in history, Huckleberry Games participated in a charity campaign and – thanks to you – we succeeded! 19 participants bade for 3 auctions for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. In total, Edengrad’s Steam keys and T-shirts were sold for 491 PLN. Thanks guys!

Introducing a new leveling system of a character

24 January , 2017

Hello, mercenaries!

Since the very first lines of code, Edengrad has been continually changing. New solutions have been implemented, the game mechanics’ have changed and story line has developed. We have no doubts that you are aware of the fact how complex a MMO game can be. Many advanced mechanics create the core of gameplay and are as important as graphics or story line.

Merry Christmas

24 December , 2016

Welcome, my name’s Zeus. Kozalk wishes you “beautiful, yet equally effective weaponry”, Gertruda adds “lack of food poisoning” and Esper has just mumbled “Ho, ho, Hodor!” (what a freak…). And, last but not least, Zeus wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Edengrad’s pre-alfa testing phase launch – video

14 December , 2016

Oh boy, it’s you again? What are you muttering under your breath? You want what? A movie?! Does it look like a cinema to you? Correct, it’s a warehouse! Alright, give me a minute, I have a good reel under the counter – it’s from my personal collection. Ugh, no! It’s a video about Edengrad, you fool…

Edengrad PreAlfa is here!

21 November , 2016

Hey you, greenhorn! Come closer, I’ve got some news for you. I heard that you decided to abandon the warm and cozy vaults and get some fresh air. Dreaming of slaying monsters? You’re as pale as a ghost, you underground daredevil – let’s see if you can stand sunlight in the first place, heh!

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