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30 March , 2017

Get ready for the upcoming apocalypse – 4/4/2017

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The realise date of Edengrad’s Alpha version has been announced

Patience of post-apo aficionados has been rewarded – Huckleberry Games announced the release date of the long-awaited production! On 4/4/2017 you can swell the ranks of mercenaries and become involved in creating history by buying the Steam key and playing Edengrad’s Alpha version. According to the authors, the Early Access phase means greater interaction with players, who will have a significant impact on the game’s final version.

Huckleberry Games team has made an announcement awaited by players for a long time – Edengrad, an extremely developed MMO production, is going to be released on April 4th, 2017. Although the game takes inspiration from legendary productions, such as Fallout and Mad Max, its authors claim that it’s going to introduce a number of innovations.

If you want to experience the thrill of post-apo emotions by fighting mutants and searching for precious stock, take part in an unforgettable storyline adventure and create an economic power – this production will be absorbing you for long months.

What distinguishes Edengrad from other post-apo productions is a remarkably developed storyline, thrilling quests, breathtaking graphics, an opportunity to set up fractions and to create economically advanced towns. All these elements enable players to create thriving structures, allowing them to take control over the endless wastelands of Arizona.

Plan your leave for the beginning of April and get ready for long hours of addictive entertainment. The Early Access Alpha version on Steam platform gives players a chance to send the authors their proposals, which may be implemented later on. It also means a lower price, as it is going to increase after the release of the final version of the game.

We have some good news for hunters of the gaming trophies – you can participate in contests held on the production’s fanpage and win game’s Steam keys.