0.5 – Combat Update

30 October , 2017

Bigest update in Edengrad history has become a reality. We have introduced and changed a lot of game mechanics and though not all of them will be visible to the players now, they will definitely accelerate our work. We have laid the foundations of many systems that will make the new patches appear much faster. We are aware that the new 0.5 update will require balancing and continuous attention. On the other hand, we do not want the next patches to be only bug fixes so get ready for a lot of changes in the near future!


New interface
We have refreshed a lot of user interface elements like PDA, HUD, or character window. All changes are designed to give players more immersive and clearer gameplay. You will find more details in the 0.5 update changelog.



Many of you expected a good PvP mode known from other games. Especially for this purpose we have created a system of location instancing, a new interface and a ranking. This gives players the opportunity to compete and get the best equipment in a new, different way. Initially we only introduce one mode: capture the flag, but with the system already completed, next ones will be much easier to implement. We look forward to your comments and suggestions on wha mode you want to see in game.



Active skills
What would look a fight in the arena without a good set of skills that could crush (literally) your opponent? In 0.5 we added special attacks to melee weapons, and in the next update we will implement the rest. Each skill means new mechanics, animations and a lot of balancing, and we did not want players to have to wait for such an important change endlessly. We decided to introduce an update with as many changes as we have.
Fighting is not just cutting off your limbs with big axes. We have in mind players who want to be engineers, chemists and doctors. Especially for them, we will create a set of new skills and gadgets, thanks to which gameplay will be as interesting as for typical warriors.



Scavenging and repair of items
Virtually since the first version of Edengrad you have asked us for such functionality. We also knew that the ability to recover materials from unnecessary objects is something obvious in the post-apocalyptic world. We added a special workshop and some skills in the Survival Tree which made every item found worth taking.
Players will no longer be able to repair items at Bob’s. To do this, go to the same workshop, which is used for scavenging.



Redesign of the Lost Highway map
Long time travel between locations is a nightmare of MMOs. We were able to explain this as the aspect of “survival”  but we preferred to do something that would improve the gameplay. The Mericks settlement was moved closer to the center, the oil fields now surrounds Zeus house, and their place is taken by a cargo station (not available for exploration). The village in the center of the map was enlarged and the church was added on the hill. Asphalt roads have been added between new locations and the factory to facilitate navigation. In the north-east of the map mysterious cultists appeared who will be challenging for high-level players.



New items functionalities
Until now, clothes had only armor and weapon has damage which described items. This was a temporary solution and we have completely changed it. Items received a quality rating that is randomly assigned during creation. It defines what and how many bonus statistics it will gain. In addition, some armor can be combined in sets, gaining new bonuses