This piece of news was supposed to be entitled “25 reasons to buy Edengrad” because during the first week of the release you can buy our game 25% cheaper, but we came to a conclusion that it has much more to offer!

On 4/4/2017 our first production was released and to celebrate that fact we organized an all-day-long stream on Twitch that enjoyed great popularity. You could follow our event on Facebook and Twitter. A big thank you for your presence, countless questions and great fun!

We started at 12:00 p.m. CET, introducing those less privy to the universe of our game. Imagine our joy when minute after minute the number of watchers was bumping up and our story was bringing on a big “wow”! The force was strong and all the faster we introduced the Edengrad’s team. As you noticed, there’s no place for random people – each of us is an avid player and we’re doing our best so our product satisfies even the choosiest mercenaries. The game development process means not only making priceless contacts within the industry and glee after implementing consecutive innovative solutions – first of all, it’s hard work which was rewarded on the premiere day.

After a short introduction, it was time for a Q&A session, which turned both Twitch and Facebook red-hot. You took our posts to heart and interacted, asking us serious, funny and sometimes totally wacky questions – you could definitely become superb testers! Having finished the session, we selected the winners of the first contest and it became obvious that apart from testers, there’re also fans who could become professional cosplayers – the level of your works blew us down. Lucky winners received Edengrad’s free keys. A bit later the second contest was finished – in a nutshell, the future of Polish Quest Designers is really bright! We didn’t forget about mercenaries who missed our competitions and they could win their Edengrad’s Steam keys during the stream.

Between playing game, gobbling down pizza, watching game trailers and answering your questions, we presented you our team members’ scope of responsibilities. Amongst lots of information, you could get to know the specificity of a 2D Game Artist work. Given a large number of questions, we deduce that many of you want to see their future in gaming industry – that’s the spirit!

Time flied and the clock struck 6:00 p.m. CET, which could mean only one – Edengrad became available on the Steam platform! After just a few hours, our production landed on the 4th place of bestsellers – what a nice surprise! Having drunk a few sips of champagne, we continued presenting you results of our work, this time playing the game with you! Although there were some minor problems, they were resolved quickly and masses of mercenaries set out where the sun goes down, exploring the wastelands of Arizona.

Even though our event finished at 9:00 p.m. CET, our adventure has just begun. We have a lot of work ahead but we already see that our game arouses your interest – we’ll do our best so Edengrad delights you.

See you on the tract!