Mercenaries, many of you ask us questions concerning a WIPE – a reset of characters’ skills. As you’ve probably noticed, with every single update Edengrad is more stable, but unfortunately in the first versions of the game bugs appeared that enabled some of the players to level their characters up and gain top-end items too fast. We want our game to bring joy and satisfaction to all users; therefore, we took a closer look at talent trees and balanced them accordingly.


We’ve decided to do the WIPE on June 1st. The operation will take a few hours – our servers will be switched off on June 1st and we’ll switch them on after implementing the planned changes.


What does it mean to you?




After a few hours break, our servers will resume their work and you’ll be able to continue your adventure with the world of Edengrad.


Apart from the WIPE, on June 1st other surprises will be awaiting you and we’re sure they’ll make your gameplay more pleasant. Follow our fanpage to learn more. We’ll inform you on upcoming changes during the livestream on Twitch and Facebook on June 1st, at 4 p.m. CET.


Thank you for your understanding and see you on the tract!