Summary of PGA 2017

16 October , 2017

One of the biggest advantages of working in gamedev is an opportunity to be in close touch with keen players. There are some events we’re looking forward to – amongst them there’s PGA, one of the most important industry events in Poland! Are you curious how we remembered the last days? Great, we’ve a lot to tell you!

This year’s PGA enjoyed huge popularity of players who flocked into in Poznan. Although Huckleberry Games studio isn’t located far away from the Poznan International Fair, we wanted to be well prepared; therefore, the work on creating Edengrad’s booth lasted day and night! Effect? In hall 5A, a bunker emerged – it stood out from other stands and attracted a crowd of mercenaries!

Our booth has enjoyed great interest from the very beginning of the event. However, the real siege took place on Saturday, when adventurous players wanted to conquer Edengrad. Many of them took to heart information that in the event of an unexpected apocalypse, only our game guarantees survival, and formed long lines to computers. Thanks to the reliable hardware provided by PROLINE company (a big thank you for the successful cooperation), every mercenary could satisfy their hunger for adventure, and the wastelands of Arizona got populated.

What has generated so much interest? The latest, powerful update 0.5 – the fruit of our intensive work – which we’ll soon present to all players! Although implemented changes were warmly welcomed, we’re aware of the fact that a lot of things still need improvement – we work hard to make sure that the new version will meet our fans’ demands. And these are really high, which was proven during our Q&A sessions. During these meetings not only did we have a unique opportunity to discuss with players the effects of our work, but also we received a solid dose of inspiration. We’ve been given lots of interesting ideas on Edengrad’s development and some of them will be used in our further work – thank you!

After meeting with the authors of the game, players could take a photo with Gertrud and Xavier wandering around the hall. Judging by the interest of gamers, inviting our characters from hot Arizona was a good choice!

Our bunker was also visited by the president of Poznan, Mr. Jacek Jaskowiak, who after short persuasion decided to impersonate a mercenary! It was a truly exceptional meeting and we hope that it’ll result in a joint promotion of the idea of the Silicon Valley of Poznan!

This year’s PGA show has ended too fast, but we’re glad that in less than a year we’ll meet our fans in Poznan again! During 3 days of the event we distributed over 2000 flyers, gave away almost 40 T-shirts, our guests ate over 1000 post-apocalyptic Gertrud’s cakes and drank 200 cups of coffee.

We’re sure that our mercenaries satisfied their hunger for adventure!


Thank you for visiting us, inspiring conversations and see you next year!

Huckleberry Games team