Update 0.3

1 June , 2017

Mercenaries, thank you for your presence during today’s stream – we’re glad that many of you decided to participate in it and asked us lots of questions. We appreciate all kind words and we’re looking forward to meeting you again – thanks to you we’ll be starting tomorrow’s work with even stronger motivation!


Although the game’s premiere was a great event for us, we didn’t have much time to celebrate it – we started to work on optimization and bugs’ elimination almost immediately.

As you’ve probably noticed, Edengrad is constantly changing. Having upgraded the game’s stability, it’s time to change a few things – today we’ve implemented the biggest update and the production has been enriched with several new features. We hope that you’ll like the newly introduced elements and will turn our servers red!




Take a look on changes:



The biggest upgrade isn’t only our merit – thanks to your commitment Edengrad’s getting better and better every day. We’re listening to our players’ suggestions and doing our best to adjust the game in such a way it gives you joy. A lot of improvements have been implemented thanks to you. We’re not resting on our laurels and we’re working hard to create a more polished and engaging world – we’ll present you a unique and interesting quest soon.

See you on the gaming tract!


0.3 – Update Video:

0.3 – Changelog on Steam:

0.3 – Changelog on forums:

  • XetraX

    W jakim języku jest pisana gra? C# czy Java?

    • Łukasz Dzierbicki

      Teraz C#, wcześniej java 😀 Ale ja polecam w C#, MonoDevelop ma korekte dla C# a dla unityscript nie 😀

  • Vartii

    Plis spanish!

  • RayneDarkwave

    Me encantaria que pusieran las mujeres de una vezzzz! que estoy loca por jugar, I need female chars im wishing to play this amazing game